Two Features That Make Lightroom Great  

  • More than just editing your pics, it enhances its quality with Lightroom presets
  • Accessible list of presets for you to download from Lightroom
  • Features that make for good, quality photos through Lightroom

Many are asking, what makes Lightroom so special when it comes to photo editing? The answer to that question might vary over time. But let us take a closer look at how Lightroom is influencing the lives of those who have seen its effect and those who using it for the enhancement of their photos.


You Can Get Them Free

This is by far the most telling reason why Lightroom is making waves as far as photo editing and enhancing goes. The idea of creating beautifully crafted photos with free tools is unheard of in photography.

More often than not, you need to pay for it, tools specifically, for you to come up with pictures that at the outset looked like a work from a professional photographer. With these Lightroom free presets, though, all you need to do is download these presets and start experimenting it with your photos.

You Can Further Enhance Your Editing

These Lightroom free presets do have tools also whereby you can learn a few more tricks for the development of your photos. Tutorial videos are provided so you can maximize the use of these tools for you to enhance further your photo images.

Lightroom levels the playing field of photo editing because these Lightroom free presets allow you to make experimentations depending on your style and mood. It is safe to say, though, that the moment you enhance your photos, it has your personality on it.

These two features alone make these Lightroom free presets your ultimate solution for the improvement of your photos. Do not make the mistake of posting your pics online without using these presets at least. Lightroom is supposed to be your best-kept secret when it comes to photography enhancement. Free, quality photo-enhancing tools you can use anytime and anywhere.


2007.04.30 – Raptor Audio v2.1 has been released. This releases fixes user interface issues with .NET 3.0 as well as adding a new simple theme, that can be accessed from the Options menu.
2006.11.28 – Raptor Audio v2.0 has been released. A brand new user interface has been designed, and major 1.x CD Ripping bugs has been fixed.
2005.08.19 – Raptor Audio v1.6 has been released. This is the last release of the Raptor Audio 1.x series. Development is ongoing for the 2.x series with plans for much more functionality than just CD ripping.
2005.05.22 – Raptor Audio v1.5 has been released. This release adds Proxy support for CDDB. Also, more metadata is stored on the output files.
2005.05.06 – Raptor Audio v1.4 has been released. Overhauled way output directories are created. Selection of output directory and patterns are now more robust.
2005.04.18 – Raptor Audio v1.3 has been released. This release adds support for Monkey’s Audio and some other enhancements. See Release Page for more information.
2005.03.29 – Raptor Audio v1.2 has been released. Look under the Release Page for more information. This is in response to a subpar review.
2005.03.20 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been added to Check it out here.
2005.03.10 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been released. Look under the Release page for more information. Go to the download page to download.
2005.02.11 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is still under development. The following will be included in the release: Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPEG4/AAC, and Windows Media Audio encoder support.
2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.0.1 has been released. This release fixed a few bugs that were present with the 1.0 release. See the release page for more details.
2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is currently under development. As of now, updates include ability to encode to OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC. If you have something you want to see in the program, Email Raptor Audio