The Best Aerial Camera Online Reviewed  

  • An intelligent DJI Phantom Inspire 1 review from
  • A drone that is light yet capable of maneuvering under extreme weather conditions
  • Photography gadgets that heighten that element of imagination on your photos

The DJI Phantom series is lately making waves in the field of aerial cameras. And you can read some comprehensive reviews at


An aerial camera drone review at cameradojo is exactly what you need even before buying the gadget. This special type of drone (DJI Phantom Inspire 1), which has a more futuristic design than the rest of the series, can impact your photography in so many ways.

It’s landing gear, for instance, is made out of fiber, which is quite light yet durable, and can withstand severe impact, to say the least. Despite its fast rotation, it still produces a stable image in the process. It is quite organic and boasts of having precise controls, which allows you to navigate even under extreme conditions. And all of these are discussed in detail in an aerial camera drone review at Cameradojo.

True to its name, this DJI drone inspires you to create photos and produce videos that heighten that element of imagination in your work. You don’t have flat images in return because of the unique angles that these drones can give you, and that your videos are anything but dry, because they’re dynamic, you feel like you’re part of the scene.

If you read an aerial camera drone review from Cameradojo right now, you will discover that this drone alone increases your chances of getting noticed, what with that action-packed images it can give to your photography, making you more like a seasoned filmmaker or cinematographer instead of a novice. You start right with DJI Phantom Inspire 1.

Don’t dilly-dally anymore!. Buy your favorite drone after reading a review or two. Photography gift ideas are quite easy only if you read these comprehensive pieces of photography gadgets, particularly with drones.  You can’t possibly give the best gift through photography if you don’t read these pieces. Without these reviews, you can’t have the drone of your dreams.

There are other things as well that makes your search for aerial camera more interesting, and that is, the idea of choosing some supplements as well in the event of doing your photography. But with, that seems so easy. The only thing you need to do, though, is to have that iherb referral code.

So get that DJI Phantom series today at, and after reading their comprehensive and informative reviews about it.

Detailed Reviews from Photographers

  • Learning from these reviews on how to edit photos
  • Photographers sharing what they know courtesy of these reviews
  • Informative reading for photographers on photo enhancing

Photographers the world over are a select crowd. They have their own select company, so to speak. What they do have is something out of the ordinary that it is not something that everybody has, and that is, their knowledge and expertise in putting in print the beautiful things around us through their photos.


And that is even magnified if this particular photographer can translate this beautiful thing into reviews. This photographers detailed review should have a special place in photography. You can’t disregard the use or even value of this review the moment you edit your photos, they are very a part of its development.

It is important, though, to consider this photographers detailed review before doing anything with your photographs. Get some tips first on how to deal with certain editing procedures. That way, you’ll be able to experiment with these recently download presets you have for your photos. You need to do some initial reading. That would pay dividends in the long run.

Also, a photographers detailed review is a first-hand look at some professional photo editing. You get your ideas from the masters themselves, not just some fan of photography, sharing opinions about a particular editing tool. These are hands-on reviews about the value of this tool and how you can make the most out of it.

This is the way for you to become the best of what you do, being an up and coming professional photographer. What a way to learn everything about photography than with fellow workers in the field. Soon budding photographers will emulate your style because you’d be a part of this select few doing this photographers detailed review.

Your Photos with Lightroom 4  

  • Collection of Lightroom 4 presets for your photos
  • A variety of features you can use for the enhancement of your pictures
  • Presets that can give a 3D effect on your photo

You might find yourself asking, why do so many people are rooting for these free Lightroom 4 presets? What makes these presets so special that most of the photos posted online come from this collection? The answer to that lies in its features.


These free Lightroom 4 presets has in its collection superb presets that can literally do wonders with your photos. Examining some of these features will tell you that you don’t need to seek any photographer anymore when enhancing your photos, these presets alone will cover everything you need.

  • That 3D effect – These free Lightroom 4 presets allow you to enhance your flat images into 3D ones. Imagine the effect of creating 3D images on your landscape scenes or even with your portrait. That is elevating photographer into another level, like that of films.
  • That Vintage Mode – Turning new photos into old ones makes for an interesting photography session. Reversing the process always makes your photo editing more lively, and the effect to your viewers is one of wonder and awe.
  • That Purple Haze – It’s like turning another chapter in a book. If you can turn your morning glow into a hazy afternoon, that is making photography worth keeping. This is the one feature, let alone changing the season or atmosphere in that photo, that these best action camera free Lightroom 4 presets can do to your photos.
  • That Precious Wedding Moment – Of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete without these presets for weddings. Lightroom has in its collection a list of stunning presets for your “I do” pics.

So these free Lightroom 4 presets are yours for the taking. You can download these presets online any time of the day. Check out this collection from Lightroom today and experience the transformation of your pictures into colorful, beautiful images that perk up the imagination of your viewers.

The “Action” In Photoshop Actions  

  • Photoshop actions that can create cool effects on your pictures
  • Free Photoshop actions you can always download online
  • 3D Photoshop Actions perfect for architectural designs

The web has a long and varied collection of Photoshop actions for your photos. It’s as if you are only limited by your imagination really, if you consider the diversity of these presets for your photo enhancement.

A Photoshop action though is a unique tool for your photos because it allows you to incorporate that “action” into your picture, which is quite uncanny as far as photo editing goes. That idea of producing interactive photos to make it more dynamic is what makes Photoshop actions the choice of many photographers and designers.

PSCC5So dynamic is the photo app that it has the capacity to create effects that you wouldn’t find with photography before, like infusing your photo image with an infrared hue. That alone bespeaks the kind of effect a Photoshop action can do to your photos.

If you are an architect, you might want to use Photoshop actions 3D effect, where you can present your plan with 3D image, making it more interesting and visually stimulating to your clients. The idea of putting “action” into your photo will improve your presentation even more, so that your client, or maybe even your boss, will be able to understand your report quite well.

That’s just one of the many benefits of having that Photoshop action on your PC. You get to play with the idea of making your images more lifelike instead of presenting them the conventional way: flat, boring and doesn’t stir up the imagination even of your viewer.

With a Photoshop action, however, your photo images would seem like they can get out of that picture or that you are a part of the scene instead of being a mere spectator to it.

And these Photoshop actions are free online. You can get them anytime, and it’s quite easy to download. So whether you are a photographer, a designer, or an architect, Photoshop action will make ways for you to achieve that effect you’ve always wanted with your pictures.

Get these free Photoshop actions now and experiment it with your photos. Choose from its wide array of actions, from those HD actions to those that create Polaroid effects to your photos, Photoshop actions have it all for you.

Don’t post that photo online until you have applied that Photoshop action on it. It enhances your photos in ways you simply can’t imagine, and would always put a smile on your face.

Enhancing Your Image with Sleeklens’ HDR Photoshop Actions  

If you are looking to enhance your photos like those found on glossy magazines, then Sleeklens’ HDR Photoshop Action Workflow is the tool for you. It features your photos that is attuned to your style and need, so you can present them like a professional photographer.


Sleeklens’ HDR Photoshop Actions workflow comes in a collection or bundle. It’s “Landscape Adventures Collection” alone has at least 85 Photoshop actions you can choose from, editing your landscape images that entices your viewers to visit the place.

Compatible with Photoshop 4-6, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, you need not worry anymore if such features would work well with your photos as it can accommodate JPEG and RAW images.

These HDR Photoshop actions from Sleeklens are easy to install, whether you are using your Mac of PC, with its equally easy guide on how to navigate the tools. It also has a tutorial and help option if in case you want other features for the enhancement of your photos.

This is a convenient way of improving your old pictures, for instance, because it has the tools to reinvigorate the once glowing look of your old photo.

Sleeklens’ HDR Photoshop Actions workflow is now the system in which your photos will have the necessary uplifting, if need be, because presenting them online is a make or break thing. Never make the mistake of posting them without enhancing it with this HDR Photoshop action, the benefits that come with it can be a handful.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Whether it’s a portrait or a landscape, these particular Photoshop actions will do the necessary changes, for the better, of course, so you can post them with a sense of joy and pride.

It enhances your photos with the precision of a photographer and with the style of a designer, like hitting two birds with one stone. Such is the advantage of having these Photoshop actions in you. Your photos as well as your image will never be the same again.

The Importance of Lightroom

LR47The demand for photography services continues to rise since most people want to have a better view of image collections to any of their special life events. As technology advances, digital photography expands.  And at this period of time, more and more people want to be a freelance photographer as it can earn huge amount of money.

However, being a photographer alone can’t produce high-quality images. They need something to help them enhance the images from their camera. They need a software like Adobe Lightroom. It is a non-destructive program that preserves the natural setting of the image.

Why choose Lightroom over other editing program?

I’ve mentioned earlier in the article that Lightroom is a non-destructive program. But, there’s more reason why photographers should choose Lightroom over other editing programs. Yes, Photoshop is a program, it has features that beautifies image. However, photographers don’t have enough time to edit it manually. With Lightroom, they can edit images as fast as they can. All they need to do is apply or create presets, or photoshop presets to the pictures.

There is nothing to worry about if you are used to the features and interface of Photoshop since Lightroom has similar services to it. The program has better features such as the advanced spot and healing tool. Users can now manipulate the size of the brush to remove spots and blemishes from the images. If you see a lot of tutorials on how to install lightroom presets 5, you’ll appreciate how useful the new tool is. Editing tools in Lightroom are more effective than other editing programs.

To install Lightroom Presets from Sleeklens, follow this guide.

Overall, the functionality of Adobe Lightroom is more creative and efficient. You can create your own presets and slide shows. In addition, you can earn more money with the presets you made. Now you know the importance of Lightroom, I hope you take the time to use it with your images.

Three Simple Ways to Choose The Best Hosting Provider

pbn23Choosing the best hosting provider can be really frustrating and hard at the same time since there are a lot of things to consider before subscribing to any of their services. In this article, we will give you three essential tips on how to choose the best provider.

Ask Yourself About Why You Need It

If you are still about to choose a web service provider, it is recommended to ask yourself first about why you really have to subscribe to it. Do you really need it? Does your site need it? These questions may guide you in choosing the best, if not the most reliable hosting provider.

Scan for Company’s Review

There are a lot of hosting review that offers great services. However, it is very confusing to choose which one is the best since they are all claiming that they deliver and provide better hosting solutions. To guide you in choosing, scan and read some helpful reviews about the company such as review of DreamHost or other popular hosting company.

Perform Personal Uptime Speed Test

Some hosting companies offer 2 weeks free trial, to help you decide, it is suggested by experts to perform your own uptime speed test to know if their claims are true. Moreover, you have to check if their customer service representatives can give you the same result as yours.

These three tips can be time-consuming and tiring, but if you really want to know which provider can give you the best hosting service, you need to sacrifice your time and effort. Choosing the best web hosting service and provider is hard, but if figured it out, everything is worth the wait. I hope these tips will help you decide which provider to choose.



User’s Guide: DigitalOcean’s Services

DO5Digital Ocean hosting company is a fast, reliable, consistent and easy cloud hosting provider especially intended for web developers. It actually helps customers to build a cloud server in just a few clicks with a starting plan of $5 a month. The main servers of the company are located in six locations, two in New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Singapore. It also provides great uptime record of 99.99 percent to its existing customers. Moreover, they are considered as the fastest and safest hosting provider. In addition to their multiple cloud servers, the company also provides a KVM virtualization and SSD hard drives. In fact, they were awarded as the 5th largest and growing hosting provider.

Using Digital Ocean’s VPS for two years is enough to say that their services are better than those hosting companies who were in the business for a long time. I am also writing this review because I am very happy with their hosting performance, excellent uptime speed record, reliability, stability and more. The company even decided to offer a lot digitalocean promotion code so that others can afford it.

Why Subscribe To Digital Ocean?

The main reason why we need the perfect hosting provider is to make sure that our websites, personal or business are safe from all forms of virus and malware. Every hosting inclusion is promised to be unlimited. But if you take time to read each and every terms of service, you will know that there will be a lot of limitations to resources. There are a lot of people who want to have a hassle-free hosting service, but they will not have it unless they take time to know every provider.

When it comes to the hosting features, some providers may show a fast VPS provisioning time, yet will slowly decrease in the long run. With Digital Ocean’s hosting features, everything are well taken care off, from data back-ups, security, API, transfer, and support.

Moreover, automatic data backups are done regularly without affecting the performance of the website. All of these features made the company the fastest growing hosting company in the industry today.


Arvixe Hosting Review 2015

Arvixe 6In 2003, Arvixe hosting company was established in San Luis Obispo, California. They are known to offer excellent hosting solutions from shared hosting to dedicated server plans to their existing customers.  In this arvixe review, we will talk about their control panel system and customer support. So, read on.

Control Panel

Arvixe utilizes user friendly control panel software for web hosting services, making the user’s website easy to control, maintain and manage. Almost all of Arvixe’s hosting plans are compatible on both Mac, Windows and Linux.

Customer Support

The company offers customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted through live chat, phone calls and email. However, their hotline support can be inefficient since some representatives do not have the ability to fix issues immediately. But fortunately, Arvixe did something to improve their support service since their goal is to satisfy the needs of the clients. If for instance, the customer is not happy with their subscription, they are allowed to ask for a full refund for a period of 60-90 days from initial set up. Moreover, the company continues to serve clients with their 99.9 percent uptime record to maintain the stability of the website.


Arvixe hosting company continues to improve as they want to maintain their good reputation. Here is a complete video about arvixe reviews below:

Review: Bluehost’s Services and Features 

3Bluehost is considered as among the most best and cost-effective web hosting business in the market. It is proven in year 2003 (based on encyclopedia, it was set up in 1996). Matt Heaton is the founding father of the hosting corporation. This business effectively drawn and developed more than 25 thousand clients monthly. Its shared web hosting includes full bandwidth and also disk space.

A range of a great many other extra features like a single click WordPress and automatic backups will also be provided by the company. Clients will have the chance to get in touch with their customer service representatives since they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Bluehost Company has been in reports these past few months. Additionally, they took part in consciousness concerning cancer. Actually they put pink homepage shade for this function. Each one of these activities mirrors their care for individuals. This website hosting company usually attempts to maintain the needs of consumers at heart. And because of this touching advocacy, they’ve earned various awards for their amazing website hosting.

A few of the Features of Bluehost Making it the very best:

This web hosting services are very economical for an ordinary businessman. Their minute rates are not increased. For a newbie blogger, it is regarded as the very best plan. You could have this webhosting service without having to spend sufficient cash. Premium hosting services would be a smartest choice. Therefore it is best for a novice who can’t afford VPS hosting costs. Watch the video of a great review of bluehost hosting below and try to look for their advantage disadvantages:

Clients don’t have any need to pay for sign up particularly their domain registration since it is free of charge with Bluehost website hosting deals. The majority of their products and services are unrestricted in its standard package for hosting. You could have all this for less than $3.49/month.

It provides simple and easy and best hosting services. Full proof dependability is yet another wealthy feature of this website hosting. Bluehost has been in the industry for years and they managed to handle 3 million internet sites.  Blue host deserves to receive a rate of 4 of 5.


A Small Review of A Small Orange Hosting

Good Performance – ASO hosting atmosphere utilizes Apple Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and solid-condition-drive (SSD) driven storage in redundant (RAID 10) arrays as server hardware

Custom Access – this host provider offers FTP & SFTP access, database management using phpMyAdmin, easy to customize error pages, cron job arranging abilities, and SSH (jailed spend) access.

Email – ASO offers POP3, IMAP, and webmail access.images (2)

Security and Reliability – including 99.% uptime guarantee, daily backups, IP-obstructing, password-protected sites, and hotlink/leech.

Software Access – you’re going to get Softaculous script installer as well as in just couple of clicks you will get database-driven functional website. You can enjoy their services with a small orange coupons.

Using A Small Orange hosting services provides you with several benefits for example:

Proficient tech support team all day long lengthy – based on the organization, customer care is probably the very important duties in hosting job. There’s a complete support experts available 24 hrs each day to reply to any queries you might have.

Fully scalable hosting plans – ASO will give you the extra storage space, bandwidth and gratifaction if you want them.

Simple to use – Using cPanel you’re going to get full control of your site.

Quality guaranteed – ASO provides a full money-back guarantee within 3 months on all shared hosting plans like a quality guarantee. And if you want to stop after greater than 3 months you’re going to get a professional-ranked refund for services that you simply didn’t use.

Two several weeks free – Whenever you purchase a yearly plan, you receive 2 several weeks free hosting.

That A Small Orange coupon code publish has layed out that A Small Orange provides top quality hosting for any business associated with a size in an affordable cost. Whether you’ve got a small blog or perhaps a massive, traffic-heavy content site, A Small Orange can cater to your demands. Obtain a A Small Orange hosting package today making your website reliable and fast today.

Hosting Companies Must Serve Their Customers Above All Else

In any type of service industry, paying attention to the needs of the customers is the key to the service provider’s success. This is especially true in the hosting business. A hosting company is essentially the client’s business partner. The client’s success in business is dependent on the reliability of the host and how it can support the technology needs of the client.

Business clients have many choices when it comes to choosing web hosts. This industry is very competitive. If one hosting company cannot deliver what it has promised, the client can easily take his business somewhere else. Hosting companies are under a tremendous amount of pressure in attracting and retaining loyal clients so that their business can grow. How can a hosting company set itself apart from its competition?

The host must put its clients’ needs first. Businesses want good value for their investment. Therefore, the pricing of the service must be competitive. That means the host has to offer unbeatable prices, even it means pressure on its profit margins.

Clients want technology that is cutting-edge. They demand speed and reliability. The host must guarantee up-time as close to 100% as possible because the client must not experience any downtime in their access as explained in this Siteground hosting plan review

Technical support is a big issue among businesses. Technical problems can occur any day of the week, any time of the day. If there is a problem with the website, a client must be able to reach live technical support 24-hours a day to seek resolution. The host must have a system in place where the client can get live support either on the phone or through email communication. A host must respond to problem tickets right away by assigning the ticket to a real person and providing on-going updates to the client on the progress.

Studies show that even if a technical problem cannot be resolved immediately, the contact with live support can mitigate any frustration that the client experiences over the problem. To the client, as long as someone at the hosting company can assure him that this problem is getting their immediate attention, that will usually satisfy the client for the time being.

This shows that on-going communication between the host and the client is crucial. The hosting company must put the client’s needs ahead of its own. That means making itself accessible 24/7 for technical support. That means customizing hosting packages to fulfill the needs of the individual customer. It also means following-up with clients proactively to see if all of their hosting needs are met sufficiently by the hosting company.

This individual attention to customers can distinguish the host apart from its competitors. When the hosting company puts it customers’ needs first, it will build a loyal following of clients, and it will encourage current customers to recommend the hosting service to their colleagues. The result is success for the businesses and for the hosting company, and it is a win-win scenario for all.


  • 2007.04.30 – Raptor Audio v2.1 has been released. This releases fixes user interface issues with .NET 3.0 as well as adding a new simple theme, that can be accessed from the Options menu.
  • 2006.11.28 – Raptor Audio v2.0 has been released. A brand new user interface has been designed, and major 1.x CD Ripping bugs has been fixed.
  • 2005.08.19 – Raptor Audio v1.6 has been released. This is the last release of the Raptor Audio 1.x series. Development is ongoing for the 2.x series with plans for much more functionality than just CD ripping.
  • 2005.05.22 – Raptor Audio v1.5 has been released. This release adds Proxy support for CDDB. Also, more metadata is stored on the output files.
  • 2005.05.06 – Raptor Audio v1.4 has been released. Overhauled way output directories are created. Selection of output directory and patterns are now more robust.
  • 2005.04.18 – Raptor Audio v1.3 has been released. This release adds support for Monkey’s Audio and some other enhancements. See Release Page for more information.
  • 2005.03.29 – Raptor Audio v1.2 has been released. Look under the Release Page for more information. This is in response to a subpar review.
  • 2005.03.20 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been added to
  • 2005.03.10 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been released. Look under the Release page for more information. Go to the download page to download.
  • 2005.02.11 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is still under development. The following will be included in the release: Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPEG4/AAC, and Windows Media Audio encoder support.
  • 2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.0.1 has been released. This release fixed a few bugs that were present with the 1.0 release.
  • 2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is currently under development. As of now, updates include ability to encode to OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC. If you have something you want to see in the program, visit Raptor Audio