Hosting Companies Must Serve Their Customers Above All Else

In any type of service industry, paying attention to the needs of the customers is the key to the service provider’s success. This is especially true in the hosting business. A hosting company is essentially the client’s business partner. The client’s success in business is dependent on the reliability of the host and how it can support the technology needs of the client.

Business clients have many choices when it comes to choosing web hosts. This industry is very competitive. If one hosting company cannot deliver what it has promised, the client can easily take his business somewhere else. Hosting companies are under a tremendous amount of pressure in attracting and retaining loyal clients so that their business can grow. How can a hosting company set itself apart from its competition?

The host must put its clients’ needs first. Businesses want good value for their investment. Therefore, the pricing of the service must be competitive. That means the host has to offer unbeatable prices, even it means pressure on its profit margins.

Clients want technology that is cutting-edge. They demand speed and reliability. The host must guarantee up-time as close to 100% as possible because the client must not experience any downtime in their access as explained in this Siteground hosting plan review

Technical support is a big issue among businesses. Technical problems can occur any day of the week, any time of the day. If there is a problem with the website, a client must be able to reach live technical support 24-hours a day to seek resolution. The host must have a system in place where the client can get live support either on the phone or through email communication. A host must respond to problem tickets right away by assigning the ticket to a real person and providing on-going updates to the client on the progress.

Studies show that even if a technical problem cannot be resolved immediately, the contact with live support can mitigate any frustration that the client experiences over the problem. To the client, as long as someone at the hosting company can assure him that this problem is getting their immediate attention, that will usually satisfy the client for the time being.

This shows that on-going communication between the host and the client is crucial. The hosting company must put the client’s needs ahead of its own. That means making itself accessible 24/7 for technical support. That means customizing hosting packages to fulfill the needs of the individual customer. It also means following-up with clients proactively to see if all of their hosting needs are met sufficiently by the hosting company.

This individual attention to customers can distinguish the host apart from its competitors. When the hosting company puts it customers’ needs first, it will build a loyal following of clients, and it will encourage current customers to recommend the hosting service to their colleagues. The result is success for the businesses and for the hosting company, and it is a win-win scenario for all.

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