• 2007.04.30 – Raptor Audio v2.1 has been released. This releases fixes user interface issues with .NET 3.0 as well as adding a new simple theme, that can be accessed from the Options menu.
  • 2006.11.28 – Raptor Audio v2.0 has been released. A brand new user interface has been designed, and major 1.x CD Ripping bugs has been fixed.
  • 2005.08.19 – Raptor Audio v1.6 has been released. This is the last release of the Raptor Audio 1.x series. Development is ongoing for the 2.x series with plans for much more functionality than just CD ripping.
  • 2005.05.22 – Raptor Audio v1.5 has been released. This release adds Proxy support for CDDB. Also, more metadata is stored on the output files.
  • 2005.05.06 – Raptor Audio v1.4 has been released. Overhauled way output directories are created. Selection of output directory and patterns are now more robust.
  • 2005.04.18 – Raptor Audio v1.3 has been released. This release adds support for Monkey’s Audio and some other enhancements. See Release Page for more information.
  • 2005.03.29 – Raptor Audio v1.2 has been released. Look under the Release Page for more information. This is in response to a subpar review.
  • 2005.03.20 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been added to
  • 2005.03.10 – Raptor Audio v1.1 has been released. Look under the Release page for more information. Go to the download page to download.
  • 2005.02.11 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is still under development. The following will be included in the release: Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MPEG4/AAC, and Windows Media Audio encoder support.
  • 2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.0.1 has been released. This release fixed a few bugs that were present with the 1.0 release.
  • 2005.01.04 – Raptor Audio v1.1 is currently under development. As of now, updates include ability to encode to OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC. If you have something you want to see in the program, visit Raptor Audio

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