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User’s Guide: DigitalOcean’s Services

DO5Digital Ocean hosting company is a fast, reliable, consistent and easy cloud hosting provider especially intended for web developers. It actually helps customers to build a cloud server in just a few clicks with a starting plan of $5 a month. The main servers of the company are located in six locations, two in New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Singapore. It also provides great uptime record of 99.99 percent to its existing customers. Moreover, they are considered as the fastest and safest hosting provider. In addition to their multiple cloud servers, the company also provides a KVM virtualization and SSD hard drives. In fact, they were awarded as the 5th largest and growing hosting provider.

Using Digital Ocean’s VPS for two years is enough to say that their services are better than those hosting companies who were in the business for a long time. I am also writing this review because I am very happy with their hosting performance, excellent uptime speed record, reliability, stability and more. The company even decided to offer a lot digitalocean promotion code so that others can afford it.

Why Subscribe To Digital Ocean?

The main reason why we need the perfect hosting provider is to make sure that our websites, personal or business are safe from all forms of virus and malware. Every hosting inclusion is promised to be unlimited. But if you take time to read each and every terms of service, you will know that there will be a lot of limitations to resources. There are a lot of people who want to have a hassle-free hosting service, but they will not have it unless they take time to know every provider.

When it comes to the hosting features, some providers may show a fast VPS provisioning time, yet will slowly decrease in the long run. With Digital Ocean’s hosting features, everything are well taken care off, from data back-ups, security, API, transfer, and support.

Moreover, automatic data backups are done regularly without affecting the performance of the website. All of these features made the company the fastest growing hosting company in the industry today.